Family Promise of Carbon County is a public charity whose mission is to help families experiencing homlessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community based response by providing temporary shelter, meals, and fellowship in order to meet the basic needs of families without permanent housing in Carbon County and the surrounding communities.

Families are educated, encouraged and empowered to become self-sufficient by support from the faith community and other local community resources.

Historically, Family Promise of Carbon County used a rotational model by forming a network of host locations who agreed to house homeless guests for one-week intervals. Support organizations (churches, community groups, scouts, etc.) provided additional volunteers and financial donations to the mission.  The concept was originated in 1986 by Karen Olson, a business woman from New Jersey. Today, there are more than 200 Family Promise affiliates across the country, each serving homeless families in their communities. During the COVID pandemic Family Promise of Carbon County realized this was not a sustainable model and moved to the static model. In 2021, we closed on a property that would meet our needs while also creating a space for expansion and the ability to serve more individuals. Volunteers are still the heart of the program and make everything happen! That is what makes our program unique and so successful. Our volunteers make meals, sit and talk with our families, and create a network of support for our families. 

Locally, Family Promise of Carbon County was formed in 2009 by a core group of passionate citizens, led by Larissa Kimmel. Larissa discovered the program when she visited the affiliate in nearby Monroe County. She held community meetings and served as the organization’s first President. Since 2009 we have expanded to include 7 employees( 3 of which are individuals with lived experience), 100 plus volunteers, a family shelter with 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and have plans to start a single women shelter program. In 2021 we served 37 individuals. In February 2022 we moved into the new shelter and by the end of March 2022 we had already served 26 individuals.