Host and Support sites can utilize the following sample bulletin announcements in order to promote the Toy Calendar Sale benefitting Family Promise.  Toy calendars can be advertised at each congregation beginning immediately.  All money and calendar receipts are due back at Family Promise before November 1st for the sale to be valid.

Toy Calendars are for sale for $10 each. Donors have 30 chances to win various prizes including an Ipad, Beats Solo wireless headphones, Bikes, Lego playsets and more. Winners are chosen by the Pa. Lottery number listed on each purchased calendar. All proceeds benefit Family Promise. See ______________ to purchase a calendar while supplies last.


Pre-Advent Toy Calendars for sale. Prizes given away each day of November based on the Pa. Lottery. Great way to prepare for holiday gift giving while supporting the homeless shelter program. Each calendar is $10 and includes 30 chances to win various prizes including: Snapchat spectacles, Minions, Lego and VTech toys, bikes, scooters, an Ipad and a Kindle fire. Volunteer coordinators have calendars while supplies last.


Purchase a Family Promise Toy Calendar for the month of November and have fun with a child you know. Check the Pa. Daily lottery each evening to see if your calendar number is a winner. 30 chances to win various prizes including an Ipad, an Amazon Kindle, popular toys and games, and Beats Solo wireless headphones for just $10. Check with your volunteer coordinator or Family Promise at 610-379-4757 to purchase a calendar before November 1st.